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  Digital Revolution是一场旨在探索艺术、设计、电影、音乐和数字游戏之间互动转型的沉浸式、多维度展览,由英国Barbican(巴比肯)艺术中心策划,2014年在伦敦首展。这是一场颇具科技创意和视听娱乐享受的互动创意展览,汇集了众多艺术家、电影制作者、设计师、建筑师、音乐家和数字游戏开发者的创作,营造一个被数码技术包围浸润的世界,探知数字化技术的演进历史以及对文化娱乐生活所带来的影响,同时也反思人类面对科学技术如何自省。



· Digital Revolution is an immersive, multidimensional exhibition exploring the interactive transformation between art, design, film, music and digital games, developed by the Barbican arts center in the UK and first shown in London in 2014. This is an interactive exhibition featuring technological creativity and audio-visual entertainment, bringing together fantastic works which come from artists, film-makers, designers, architects, musicians and digital game developers. The exhibition reveals a world surrounded by digital technology, explores the evolution of digital creativity and the impact on cultural and entertainment life, and also reflects on how humans respond in the face of science and technology. 

· This exhibition is divided into seven theme zones: "Digital Archaeology", "We Create", "Creative Spaces", "Sound and Vision", "Our Digital Futures" , Dev Art" and "Indie Games Space", showing over 140 amazing interactive works, leading the audience on a journey of digital revolutionary change from the 1970s through to the present day and even future, in order to provide a wonderful and powerful art experience. 


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